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Nice New Bahne Complete Skateboard - Another Exclusive!

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Witch Doctor complete

• 31.75" x 8.75"
• 16" wheelbase
• Concave / double kick.

These retro shaped pool decks use slightly thicker veneers than most standard decks and this helps eliminate any flex what so ever. The Witch Docter is built with San Diego trucks and Bahne Hot Lips wheels that are loaded with Abec 7 bearings. The laser cut grip adds the final touch to the set up making this not only a great stiff everyday retro rider but also a great looking set up as well.

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Bahne - Witch Doctor Deck

• 31.75" x 8.75"

This new 2010 deck model with it's square tail and pointy nose has an 80's feel to it. The Witch Doctor deck also has wheel wells in both the front and the rear, full concave throughout and a larger 16 inch wheelbase. The 7 veneers are slightly thicker than average making for a very strong and flex free deck.
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Bahne Bob Mohr Bullet / Hot Lips Complete!

Classic style Bahne Bob Mohr Bullet with new 64mm Hot Lips wheels and 4.3 polished Bennett Vector truks. A great looking and great riding cruiser complete that is small and lightweight but doesn't skimp on quality. Hand assembled in Southern California with every component coming from local suppliers, these are high end completes at a great price!
Available in 27 and 30 inch deck lengths. All wheels are 76 durometer in mix color sets, packed with NMB precision bearings. Risers are .50 inch and grip tape is die cut Jessup brand. Arrives tuned and shred ready! Please select size and color at checkout.
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Bahne Skateboards - Bob Mohr Bullet Model

Available in 2 sizes:

• 27" x 7.75"
• 30" x 7.75"

The Classic Bob Mohr Shape Remade Almost Identical to the Original!

Bahne prides itself on producing made-in-the-USA products and the Bob Mohr decks are no exception. Produced in San Diego, these decks are a true 70's classic, complete with old style wheel wells and old school style truck holes. The one color screen print on the natural wood decks are clean and classic and the top is finished off with a sheet of custom cut, made in the USA, Jessup grip tape. The Bob Mohr Bullet models are tradtional flat style decks with a single kick. These are fantastic boards for daily transportion and they're small enough to fit into lockers. Set your's up with a set of loose turning Bennett Vector truks and soft wheels. You will be hard pressed to beat the Bahne/Bennett combination as far as function and style goes. Decks arrive to you with factory installed grip tape! Please select color at checkout.

Currently only deck available is the red 27".

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