Jay Adams is arguably one of the most important skateboarders of all time,
and without argument one of the most influential.
Jay's stepfather Kent Sherwood was one of the founders of Z-Flex skateboards in 1976,
he was also an amateur photographer with skills!

from the back cover:

In the mid-1970's Craig Stecyk wrote, "Having known Adams over the years I really can't say he's changed much.
He remains one of the most spontaneous, unpredictable persons I've ever encountered... Everything you've ever heard
about him is probably true, or should be anyway. Mere words could never come close to accurately describing him."
Decades later these words still ring true and Jay is a living legend. Documentaries chronicling his life have won awards,
“Hollywood” attempts to corral the real-life story on the screen have failed miserably, the truth is rarely understood. -
This is a book of photographs of the legend as a boy. Taken by his stepfather, Kent Sherwood, mostly before anyone like
Stecyk or myself shot pictures of him, not to mention the legions who would photograph him over the years after we did.
These are some rare early moments of Jay, his friends and his lifestyle. Dig it!

- glen E. friedman

A hardcover book, measuring 9.5" wide by 7.5" tall, just under one hundred pages. Classic black and white shots, mostly of Jay, and others including his friends Wentzle Ruml, Shogo Kubo, Tony Alva, "Baby" Paul Cullen and more! Skating, surfing, and just around the house. Jay has handwritten all of the captions himself while being incarcerated in jail this summer.

Glen E. Friedman, author of Fuck You Heroes and others, has been working on this book with Kent, Jay and his wife Alisha for almost a year now, coordinating, designing and editing, and it's just been sent to the printers. C.R. Stecyk III has written the introduction. Concrete Wave with Pool King have arranged to put up the financing. In cooperation with Burning Flags Press they will be publishing the book that will be distributed exclusively through TailTap.com. The official release date for the initial printing of just 3,000 copies is set for October 31st this fall, but all of those who order it directly from here will get theirs guaranteed, and at least one month before the official release date!

Sherwood, Friedman, Stecyk and Concrete Wave have provided their services amounting to hundreds and hundreds of hours for nothing (not "Hollywood" nothing, where people take less than they think they deserve and tell everyone they are getting "nothing", we mean zero, no dollars at all, nada $). All profits from the book will go to the Jay Adams Family Fund to help out Jay and his family while he's locked down, and to continue to help out our friend Jay when he eventually gets out.

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A few sample images