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Tracker GSD Re-issue Model - Round 2!

• 9" x 29.25"
• 15" Wheelbase

This is the second round of re-issued Garry Scott Davis (GSD) decks but this new one comes with a great top graphic and custom cut grip tape. Just like the original, it features front wheel wells and original 80's print colors. This unique bomb shape was the first deck to be sold as a pro street model. Prior to the GSD, all street decks were shrunken versions of larger vert decks. A mountain of history surrounds the GSD and for a limited time you can own one!
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Time For Round 5!

New Tracker Lester Kasai Reissue Decks

Keeping with tradition this 5th round of Lester Kasai re-issue decks feature authentic color patterns and arrives to you shrink wrapped with die cut grip tape. Classic shape from one of vert's all time best skaters. Hurry, only a limited number of 108 of these decks were pressed! Get yours now!
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House of Kasai Adrian Demain model

Length: 30.25"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 15.15"
Tail: 7"
Nose: 4.25"

Tracker Trucks in conjunction with Lester Kasai originally produced this board in 1989 and our 2008 version uses original print colors and is drilled using the larger, traditional four hole base pattern. Since these re-issues look so close to the originals we have laser engraved the words House of Kasai 2008 near the tail area so that there is no confusion as to which is original and which is re-issue. These decks are proudly made in San Diego and screen printed,(no heat transfers here!) in original pantone colors! This is a great wall hanger as well as a fun rider at any of the new parks being built. Below are few words from Adrian Demain himself regarding his re-issue deck:

"Rick Farr did the graphics and that one should be from '89. It's actually the 3rd in the series, but by far my favorite of the 4 that Lester put out. It was the only one that the shape came out exactly the way I wanted it and Rick's graphics are in my opinion the best as well. Everything just came together on this one" - A. DEMAIN

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New Round of Lester Decks!

This is the fourth round of the Lester Kasai Oak Leaf model re-issues and they are moving out quick. This round was sprayed with purple paint and then screen printed using original color patterns. These are very authentic and hard to tell from originals therefore we laser etched the area just below the rear truck holes with the year 2007 so there is never any question which is original and which is a re-issue. We produced only 103 of these and they will sell out very quickly. Each deck arrives to you in shrink wrap and with three sheets of original style die cut grip tape.
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Ding Ding..ROUND 3!

White Tracker Lester Kasai Oak Leaf re-issues now in stock but moving out quick!

All white Lester Kasai Oak leaf re-issue decks. Only 106 of these made in this color pattern. These decks look so much like the originals that Tracker has had to laser engrave each deck near the tail area so that there is no confusion with originals and re-issues. These white Lester Kasai decks are each shrink wrapped with original style grip tape sheets inserted but not stuck onto the deck itself, we leave that part up to you.

Just Like the previous rounds of Lester re-issues these are going to sell out quick, keep your collection complete and grab one before it's too late.

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LESTER KASAI Re-issue Retro Ripper Complete

Who wouldn't be stoked to have this complete?! These one of a kind Lester Kasai completes feature period correct authentic classic style Tracker SixTrack trucks with Ultra Lite base plates! For wheels, our completes feature Powell Peralta re-issued 97 durometer Rat Bones fitted with Tracker abec 5 precision bearings. We have given these completes a .25" riser so you can really crank turns without the worry of wheel bite. An amazing period correct complete to gawk over and just as enjoyable to ride around the local park on. Completes arrived gripped and ready to rip, get one while supply last!
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NEW Red Tracker Lester Kasai "Oak Leaf" Reissue Deck

The second round of the Tracker Lester Kasai Oak Leaf re-issue decks from the mid 80's. The first round of these went super quick and I imagine this second round of Red Lester Decks will also sell out quick. These decks arrive to your doorstep shrink wrapped with custom die cut grip, just like the originals once did. All decks feature red stain, are screen printed with the same colors as were on the originals and are drilled with the authentic old school base plate hole pattern. A great deck from an all time great skateboarder who is still blazing 6 foot airs and stylish frontside handplants today.
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Tracker Lester Kasai "Oak Leaf" Reissue Deck

Tracker produced 100 of these Lester Oak Leaves and each have been numbered via laser near the tail area, a nice touch for those collectors! The rails have been sanded just like the originals, the art work is dead on, the truck holes are original old school style and deck features wheel wells up front. The boards have been sprayed with a yellow stain to look just like they did in 86". They're going quick so don't sleep on this one, doubt that Tracker will produce another round of them.
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ROCKIT SKATEBOARDS - by Tracker Trucks

After countless months and many delays, the Rockit Skateboards program has officially launched. These Rockit decks were made at the very same San Diego factory that originally made them 30 years ago. Wheel wells are period correct, decks are flat with single kick and graphics are screen printed on top and bottom. Completes arrive to you assembled and ready to rip.

Completes feature the following components:

• Rockit 7ply 28 x 7.25 inch deck
• Tracker classic MidTracks
• Tracker .25 inch riser pads
• Tracker precision bearings
• 3DM "Cambria" 78 duro wheels
• Custom cut Rockit grip tape
Complete Skateboard:
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Deck Only (with grip tape applied):
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GSD Old School Completes

We have assembled a handful of our recently released GSD decks into period correct retro-riders.
The GSD completes are built with the following components:
• Tracker GSD deck
• Tracker original style ExTrack trucks
• Tracker abec 5 "FastTrack" bearings
• Tracker .25 inch space pads
• Tracker mounting hardware
• Bullet "Church Glass" 60mm / 95 duro wheels
• Iron Horse grip tape

Each complete arrives to your door, assembled and ready to ride. We will also include the latest issue of Concrete Wave Magazine as well as the 2005 Concrete Wave Buyers Guide - all at no charge!

Order now and we will also toss in a free Tracker Sticker pack featuring classic Tracker logos - a $15.00 value !
Get one of these Tracker classics while they last!
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Tracker GSD Reissue Deck

Limited run of GSD first generation decks. This run of of re-issues feature all natural veneers and front wheel wells only. We have a very limited number of decks and these will sell out quickly. If you hesitate, you may miss out. 
We have priced these so that you can set one up to actually ride without breaking the bank!
Note: these are drilled with original (old style) hole pattern. 
*Suggested truck set up - Original Tracker Six Track trucks or Original Tracker Ex Track trucks.
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